Sealing products and technical structural adhesives


Sealing adhesives

  • Silicone and polyurethane-based sealing adhesives, m.s. polymers, hybrids for glueing and/or sealing almost all materials (except for some plastic materials such as pe, pp, ptfe)

Bi-component adhesives

  • Bi-component epoxidic polyurethane-based adhesives, m.s. polymers for structural glueing of construction materials, metal, wood and various plastic materials (for which a primer may be required)

Instant adhesives

  • Instant cianoacrylic adhesives for metal, plastic, elastomer glueing (glueing between same material or between two different materials)
  • Anaerobic adhesives for the mechanical industry

U.V. adhesives

  • u.v. adhesives that polymerize on demand upon exposition to ultraviolet light, tipically used on transparent products such as glass and plastic, but also on metals, jewellery, electronic components


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